paints-brushes November 15 2014

Create Art. It's Good For You!

Sometimes it is easy to become caught up in the throes of everyday life where people don’t properly feed the mind, spirit and soul. The trappings of work and other responsibilities that could easily land in the file category of “mundane” tend to take over and bury one’s recognition of a need to feed their creative energy. Many people probably don’t realize they have a … Read More

Fall leaves with rake November 14 2014

Do I really need to rake my leaves?

Each year as summer comes to a close, you probably notice those few first leaves that start to change colors and tumble into your yard as a prelude to the deluge of foliage that fall will bring. If you are like most homeowners, you probably wonder if you need to rake your leaves. Why Do People Rake Their Leaves? There is the simple and obvious … Read More

Happy bride and groom in winter day November 14 2014

Why Get Married in Winter?

According to the, June and September are the most popular wedding months, each hosting roughly 15% of the weddings for the year 2013. Fortunately there are 10 perfectly good months to get married in each year and some of them happen to be in winter. The unsung hero of this race to the altar is winter; however, couples are starting to catch on to … Read More

14-0807-900-Heidi November 13 2014

Meet Heidi Shellmer – Stonehurst General Manager and...

If you’ve been to Stonehurst Manor, you’ve definitely met the General Manager, Heidi Shellmer. She’s hard to miss as she darts around making sure everyone is taken care of and ensuring the place is running along as smooth as can be. What you may not have known is her passion and extraordinary talent for planning the perfect wedding. Peter Rattay, the Proprietor of the Manor … Read More

14-1030-31-Kelly October 31 2014

Caramel Apple Martini Recipe

Looking for the perfect drink to sip by the fire? Look no further than the caramel apple martini, shake it up! 6 count vanilla vodka 2 count pumpkin pie spice liqueur 2 count butternut schnapps 2 count baileys Michael’s Drinks! If you love mixing drinks, our magic mixologist has put together a FREE drink mixing course for you on UDEMY!

apple-roasted-chicken-de-91552433 October 20 2014

3 Delicious Dinners You Can Make With Apples

This is the best time of year to take advantage of nature’s harvest. That’s right, it’s apple season, and it seems like this year’s crop in North Conway is one of the tastiest we’ve had in a long time. Here are three delicious dinners you can create in no time using fresh apples and a little ingenuity. 1. Chicken Stuffed with Apple and Bleu Cheese … Read More

grand-side-car October 20 2014

The Unlikely History of Three Famous Cocktails

Do you ever wonder why some drinks have such catchy, unusual, intriguing or downright odd names? Whether you have a taste for a Sidecar, a Harvey Wallbanger, a Tom Collins, a Mai Tai or a Mojito, stop and think about the name and the reason for it. Chances are good that there is a story attached to your favorite quaff at your local drinking establishment, … Read More

Img-10465 October 20 2014

Meet Stephanie Emmons, our featured bride of the month!

Meet Stephanie Emmons, our featured bride of the month! Join us as we take you through the incredible journey from when she met her handsome beau Matt to when they were united forever at the Stonehurst Manor. How did you two meet? The day I first laid eyes on Matt was 4 years ago, when I joined his team at Fidelity Investments. I remember it … Read More