December 19 2014

5 Unusual New Year's Rituals

Here in the U.S., we traditionally celebrate ringing in the New Year’s with a champagne toast, a jolly or teary rendition of Auld Lang Syne and a kiss at midnight. But around the world, nations celebrate New Year’s in a variety of fun and interesting ways. Here are some of our favorites. Parting With Past Transgressions In Ecuadorian history, citizens would fabricate dummies made in … Read More

December 17 2014

6 Creative Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

The holiday shopping was fun, but now you’re faced with wrapping all those amazing gifts. How can you wrap them without them all ending up looking the same? Try out these seven unique and creative ways to add interest to your holiday gift wrapping project. Incorporate Natural Elements Nothing says holiday like natural pinecones and cinnamon sticks. Top your beautifully wrapped gift with natural or … Read More

December 16 2014

7 DIY Christmas Ornaments

Classic colorful bulbs and ornaments you have purchased over the years are wonderful ways to decorate your Christmas tree and your home each holiday season, but sometimes you want to mix things up and add something special to your decorations. One fun way to mix up your holiday decor is to make your own ornaments. If you have never taken on such a project before, … Read More

December 15 2014

5 Forgotten Drinks of New England

Two hundred years later, we may think of the early colonial New England residents as being puritanical, interested only in politics and religion. However, the truth is that many of these early New Englanders enjoyed a cocktail (or two) now and again. Many of these early New England recipes have become forgotten over the years to make way for new drinks. At Stonehurst Manor this … Read More

December 14 2014

The Power of Giving

Studies have shown that the act of giving can actually lead to better health. When you give, the goodwill that you generate radiates outward and then back to you. Here’s more about the power of giving and some suggested ways to give this holiday season. Giving is an intrinsically selfless act. Whether you give your time, your energy, money or other physical gift, the simple … Read More

December 13 2014

Hottest Christmas Gifts for Women 2014

As the holidays approach each year, you probably feel that moment of panic, wondering what to buy the women in your life, especially that one special woman. You might even find yourself putting off your search until later in the season each year because you feel so much apprehension about finding “the right gift” for her. However, when you reimagine the way you approach your … Read More

December 12 2014

How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

Few things symbolize the magic of the holiday season more elegantly than a fresh evergreen tree. Whether you prefer a Fraser fir, a Norfolk pine or a Norway spruce, New Hampshire offers abundant tree farms and stands where you can select the tree that’s just right for your space. However, once cut, your tree will eventually lose its needles. The trick is knowing how to … Read More

December 11 2014

How to Make a Gingerbread House

While gingerbread’s illustrious past originated over 1,000 years ago in Northern Europe–and thanks to a traveling Armenian monk–modern bakers around the globe have found the most delightful ways to give this spice-laden cake the treatment it deserves. In the United States, we have happily adopted this inexpensive, yet intensely flavorful spice into our gallery of divine holiday scents and traditions. By mixing ginger with sugar … Read More

December 01 2014

Why North Conway is one of the East's Most Liveable Ski...

In the winter, people brave the wiles of Mount Washington and the White Mountains with ice climbing, skiing or snowmobiling. In the summer, spring or fall; they might try hiking or biking along with some rock climbing. However, people who visit North Conway also might spend a day kayaking or enjoy some fly fishing. Additional fun to be had on Mount Washington and surrounding areas: … Read More