January 22 2015

The Benefits Of A Boutique Hotel Wedding

A recent wedding trend for modern brides and grooms is a more intimate location to spend their special day together, as well as with friends and family. Intimate does not necessarily mean a drastically pared down guest list, but could mean some streamlining of amenities. Couples who want a more personal experience are looking to boutique hotel venus to the tie the knot. While large … Read More

Mt. Washington Summit Stage Office January 19 2015

The Amazing Weather of Mt. Washington

Our neighbor, Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the northeastern United States, boasts having the worst weather on the planet. Although there have been a few storms with higher recorded wind speeds, the trophy for sickest, most insane weather typically goes to this New Hampshire mountain. About Mt. Washington Weather The erratic weather atop Mt. Washington is due primarily to the fact that, as the … Read More

January 17 2015

Repurpose Your Old Skis

Who doesn’t love arts and crafts? Like most hobbies, you start collecting gear over the years, most of it going out of style and use. Because many of us can’t throw anything away, it all piles up. Skis are no exception. If you’d like to recycle your skis into something beautiful and functional, we have some ideas. From coat racks to Adirondack style chairs, the … Read More

January 15 2015

Pellet Stove Heating

Pellet stoves are amazing. There is just something mesmerizing about them. They’re not just energy-efficient, but they’re beautiful, too. It can get pretty cold here in New Hampshire during the winter, home and business owners around our area have embraced this new technology. If you haven’t yet experienced the pellet stove technology, you’ve truly been missing out. What are pellet stoves? A pellet stove looks … Read More

January 13 2015

L.L. Bean – Where Quality Still Means Something

L.L. Bean boots are a New England legend in footwear. Of late, they have become a must-have item for the fashion conscious. But, for locals these hand-made boots are a staple because of their quality, durability, and common sense usefulness. They may be the hottest trending thing for hipsters and preppies but to the locals, LL Bean is what they wear and what they have … Read More

January 11 2015

Food Trends for 2015

Each year, it seems that there is an exciting new stable of niche foods that produce a culinary euphoria among food lovers, making those foods suddenly trendy and omnipresent. These foods don’t necessarily become trendy only because the taste makers say it is so, but also because they offer something special to the diner’s palate. Often, the reason foods like avocados make the cut or … Read More

January 09 2015

5 Ways to Beat the Post Holiday Blues

The post holiday blues have probably happened to you. After the exciting and build-up to the holiday season, it is easy to feel swept up, into and away by all the joyousness of the season. Family and friends gather to share good food and drinks, news of the past year, laughs, meaningful gifts and so much more that often get lost in the hustle and … Read More

January 07 2015

25 Life Hacks for Winter

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy time with loved ones in the snow, but it is also important to recognize some tricks and hacks that can make it a little easier to handle. Whether it is snowing or simply cold outside, there are hacks that can make it easier to enjoy the New Hampshire weather to the fullest this winter. 1. Clean Your Car … Read More

January 05 2015

Aerial Ski Jumpers – The Science!

From the opening credits of the “Wide World of Sports” television program to any winter Olympics broadcast, we have all probably held our collective breath at the sight of a skier soaring, spinning and spiraling, suspended 50 feet in the air. For viewers, it s difficult to tell where these daredevils might land, but these athletes spend years practicing their sport to make it look … Read More

December 31 2014

A Brief History of Skis

If you thought those decrepit old wooden skis you found in your grandfather’s barn were old, wait until you hear these tales of the first generation of skis. Here’s a brief history of skis and how they were used, way back before you were even a twinkle in the universe’s eye. Skis were first invented as mobile devices to help hungry nomadic tribesmen follow their … Read More