valentines-day February 14 2015

5 Unique Valentine’s Day Traditions

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate romance and enjoy time with loved ones, but some of the traditions that arise during the holiday are surprising. During the holiday, planning a getaway with a special individual is not the only way to celebrate love and relationships. Giving Chocolate to Men Giving chocolate is not an unexpected tradition, but in Japan the tradition differs from other … Read More

persian-lamb-tagine February 08 2015

5 Perfect Winter Recipes

During the winter months, eating a warm and filling meal is comforting. The chilly outdoor weather makes a warm soup or simple meal appealing. Although personal tastes vary significantly, some winter recipes are a favorite choice to warm up after coming in from skiing, making a snowman or enjoying the outdoor activities that are only possible during the winter. Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Soup … Read More

ice-carving February 06 2015

How It’s Made – Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures are beautiful works of art that can create unexpected results. Depending on the way that the ice is sculpted and created, it is possible to create a waterfall effect, beautiful statues or useful trays that keep foods or beverages cold. Although the image and sculpture varies significantly, the process of making an ice sculpture is similar. Creating Clear Ice An ice sculpture requires … Read More

2015 Wedding Trends February 02 2015

Top 4 Wedding Trends for 2015

The take on the traditional wedding always falls prey to the whims and fantasies of every new bride. 2015 has already seen new wedding trends emerge as brides and grooms challenge the ways of their parents and grandparents. 1. Cupcakes It may be the massive popularity of the television show, “Cupcake Wars,” that instigated this new wedding trend. Wedding cakes can cost in the thousands … Read More

1511206_10152578781205588_6168936996149599616_n January 28 2015

7 Romantic New England Getaways

Getting away for the weekend or enjoying a fun vacation with a significant other offers a chance to enjoy a little romance. Whether the trip is designed to rekindle the flame after years of marriage or is part of a new romance, finding the right destination is essential for an amazing trip. Stonehurst Manor A romantic getaway to Stonehurst Manor in North Conway, New Hampshire … Read More

Cross-country skiing: young man cross-country skiing on a lovely January 26 2015

Health Benefits of Cross Country Skiing

When winter brings one storm after another, creating several feet of snow for each round of storms, one of the best things you can do is strap on your snow skis for some cross-country skiing to break out of the wintertime blues. While cross-country skiing is a great opportunity–sometimes an even greater excuse–to play in the snow, there are also several health perks associated with … Read More

Apres ski at mountains January 24 2015

The Best Places to Travel in January

January may not seem like a great time to travel as you recover your energy and finances from the holiday season. January however, can be a beautiful, uncrowded and affordable time to get away for a few days. If you’re thinking about a vacation this month, we have some stellar ideas that won’t break your budget. Quebec City If you’ve always wanted to visit Paris, … Read More

portrait of a young wedding couple January 22 2015

The Benefits Of A Boutique Hotel Wedding

A recent wedding trend for modern brides and grooms is a more intimate location to spend their special day together, as well as with friends and family. Intimate does not necessarily mean a drastically pared down guest list, but could mean some streamlining of amenities. Couples who want a more personal experience are looking to boutique hotel venus to the tie the knot. While large … Read More

Mt. Washington Summit Stage Office January 19 2015

The Amazing Weather of Mt. Washington

Our neighbor, Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the northeastern United States, boasts having the worst weather on the planet. Although there have been a few storms with higher recorded wind speeds, the trophy for sickest, most insane weather typically goes to this New Hampshire mountain. About Mt. Washington Weather The erratic weather atop Mt. Washington is due primarily to the fact that, as the … Read More

500x1000px-LL-a7de9a86_il_fullxfull.89702910 January 17 2015

Repurpose Your Old Skis

Who doesn’t love arts and crafts? Like most hobbies, you start collecting gear over the years, most of it going out of style and use. Because many of us can’t throw anything away, it all piles up. Skis are no exception. If you’d like to recycle your skis into something beautiful and functional, we have some ideas. From coat racks to Adirondack style chairs, the … Read More