Young happy family with kids fishing in pond in summer May 18 2015

Family Vacations That Matter

Parents have work and the kids have school and countless activities once classes are out. On the weekend, hobbies, home remodeling projects, and necessities like outdoor cleanup and grocery shopping can keep family members separated even on days “off.” Dinnertime is no longer sacred; many families eat different meals at different times, and sitting everyone together for a an hour at night is a rarity … Read More

condo May 15 2015

Best NH Vacation Condo Rental

If you’re starting to plan your vacation for this season, you know that choosing the right place to stay can make or break a vacation. Renting a condo offers a myriad of advantages over staying in a traditional hotel room. If you haven’t considered a condo for your family vacation, it’s worth a second look. Advantages of a condo over a single hotel room More … Read More

Gift for Mother's Day,Concept. May 11 2015

History of Mother’s Day

Every May, Mother’s Day arrives, and so millions of Americans rush out to the florist to order fresh flowers and then stop at the pharmacy for a card and maybe even some chocolates for their mothers. Although the holiday has come and gone for 2015, that doesn’t mean that you should ever stop appreciating your mom. Here’s some Mother’s Day history to get you in … Read More

Mature Couple Driving Along Country Road In Open Top Car May 08 2015

Best Tunes for a Summer Road Trip

I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love to drive in a car with the windows rolled down and his or her favorite tunes cranking from the speakers. New Hampshire, especially in the White Mountains, is a vacationer’s dream, with winding roads like the Kankamagus Highway, crisp dry air and plenty of lakes and rivers to enjoy. If you’re headed to the Granite State this vacation … Read More

Two smiling young women kayaking down a river May 07 2015

How are Kayaks Made?

Piloting a kayak is an awesome way to tool around your favorite body of water. There’s no noise like you have with a jet ski or a motor boat. There’s no steep learning curve to be able to use them. Plus, kayaks are fast, sleek and relatively inexpensive. In our part of central New Hampshire, the Saco River is a favorite kayaking spot. If you’re … Read More

Fat glamour man with beard takes selfie in his bedroom May 05 2015

Selfie Safety – Travel Smartly

“But first, let me take a selfie.” Yes, selfie culture has become popular enough that an EDM group called The Chainsmokers released a song about these self-portraits. While always a little narcissistic, selfies can be dangerous in a number of ways. As vacation season arrives, prepare to see lots of pictures of your friends in exotic spots. If you’re visiting White Mountain, New Hampshire or … Read More

balsams_Lumber_Jack-008 May 03 2015

The Rebirth of the Historic Balsams Resort

Imagine stepping out into your backyard — all 11,000 acres of it — and seeing stunning wooded views, vast alpine ski trails, golf courses and endlessly rolling hills. While you’re at it, add fine dining, luxury accommodations and an active lifestyle, all within a gorgeous historic setting. Sound like a dream? It’s not a dream, but it is a vision that’s quickly moving toward refurbished … Read More

Voting Concept - Ballot Box With National Flag On Background - N May 01 2015

The Flavor of New Hampshire Politics

Aside from its stunningly delicious maple syrup, the state of New Hampshire is probably best known for its role in presidential politics.  As each presidential primary season gets underway, potential candidates flock to New Hampshire to eat pancakes, marvel over the fall foliage, and rub elbows with the locals.  NH politics is a serious business for candidates and voters alike. First in the Nation Since … Read More

Bottle and glass of wine April 27 2015

New Hampshire Wine

When you think of vineyards, wine production and wineries in the United States, you aren’t alone if your thoughts immediately veer to the West Coast. However, the East Coast has gained fertile ground in spots along the eastern seaboard that include Virginia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and Washington, DC. Though still relatively new to the winemaking scene, New Hampshire has gained notoriety in the … Read More

Source: April 25 2015

5 Incredible New Hampshire Spring Hikes

Dedicated hikers are probably itching to hit the hills, valleys, dales, creek sides and any other terrain you can conjure for the spring season. You’re probably just relieved that you don’t have to contend with snow mounds and ice patches on your next hikes, but as a fan of hiking in New Hampshire, you know you are in for so much more. New Hampshire is … Read More