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The Rebirth of the Historic Balsams Resort

Imagine stepping out into your backyard — all 11,000 acres of it — and seeing stunning wooded views, vast alpine ski trails, golf courses and endlessly rolling hills. While you’re at it, add fine dining, luxury accommodations and an active lifestyle, all within a gorgeous historic setting. Sound like a dream? It’s not a dream, but it is a vision that’s quickly moving toward refurbished … Read More

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The Flavor of New Hampshire Politics

Aside from its stunningly delicious maple syrup, the state of New Hampshire is probably best known for its role in presidential politics.  As each presidential primary season gets underway, potential candidates flock to New Hampshire to eat pancakes, marvel over the fall foliage, and rub elbows with the locals.  NH politics is a serious business for candidates and voters alike. First in the Nation Since … Read More

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New Hampshire Wine

When you think of vineyards, wine production and wineries in the United States, you aren’t alone if your thoughts immediately veer to the West Coast. However, the East Coast has gained fertile ground in spots along the eastern seaboard that include Virginia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and Washington, DC. Though still relatively new to the winemaking scene, New Hampshire has gained notoriety in the … Read More

Source: April 25 2015

5 Incredible New Hampshire Spring Hikes

Dedicated hikers are probably itching to hit the hills, valleys, dales, creek sides and any other terrain you can conjure for the spring season. You’re probably just relieved that you don’t have to contend with snow mounds and ice patches on your next hikes, but as a fan of hiking in New Hampshire, you know you are in for so much more. New Hampshire is … Read More April 23 2015

10 Things Only People from NH Will Understand

As a resident of New Hampshire, you’re more than proud to live here. In fact, you may brag a little bit, but it’s only because you’re so full of NH pride. However, when your distant family or old friends come by for a few days, you find that it’s practically like you’re speaking a different language since everyone is so out of the loop. Here … Read More

Source: April 21 2015

How to Plan a Romantic Weekend

The meaning of romance differs from couple to couple, but almost no one can resist the idea of a fun weekend getaway. Whether you want to surprise your sweetheart or you plan the experience together, there are a number of ways to make sure that you both have the best weekend yet. First of all, plan the trip only when both of you can take … Read More April 19 2015

Best 2015 Spring Travel Deals

Don’t let a tight budget prevent you and your family from taking a rejuvenating spring vacation. Treat yourselves to one of this spring’s fantastic travel deals. Whatever type of vacation you have in mind, there is a deal out there to help you stick to your budget without sacrificing your ideal family trip. After surviving this long rough winter — especially you snowbound New Englanders … Read More

Source: April 18 2015

New England's Best Food

If you want a cheese steak, you go to Philadelphia; if you want poutine, you go to Canada; and if you want the best clam chowder you’ve ever tasted, you go to New England. While other states try to make knockoff versions, nothing can beat the fresh seafood from New Hampshire and beyond. When you plan your visit, prepare to take your taste buds on … Read More

Source: April 17 2015

For a healthy mind and body, grab your watering can!

New Hampshire hasn’t yet lost that last nip of winter in the air, but spring is on the way — we promise! With spring comes the opportunity, finally, to bring the seedlings out of the basement and get planting. Gardening typically ranks near the top of favorite American hobbies, and for many good reasons. It gets you outside in natural settings, and soon you’re enjoying … Read More

Source: April 15 2015

The Benefits of a Romantic NH Weekend Getaway

When you got married, did anyone give you the advice, “Never stop dating?” Did you heed that advice? If you have been slacking in the dating department, consider escaping on a romantic New Hampshire weekend getaway to rejuvenate your romantic life. Consider these three benefits to getting away for a few days: Daily Life is Hard: Reboot With a Weekend Getaway Carpools, appointments, and hectic … Read More