July 24 2013

Decorating for Your Dinner Party

Having the right decor is vital for creating the right mood at your dinner party and ensuring that your guests are comfortable. This doesn’t mean that decorating has to be difficult or expensive. Often getting the decor right means keeping it simple and taking advantage of items you already have around the house. Whether you are planning a formal party or a casual get together … Read More

July 18 2013

From Mundane to Gourmet: A Primer on 5 Star Cooking

Gourmet cooking doesn’t have to be a mysterious art reserved to chefs in five star restaurants. In fact, by mastering a few techniques and experimenting with flavors, you’re home cooked meals can quickly resemble five star quality. Here’s what you need to know. 1. The Presentation A big difference between basic home cooking and gourmet is presentation. No one would expect to go to a … Read More

July 17 2013

A Handful of Reasons to Visit the White Mountains This...

Sitting over most of the northern half of New Hampshire, the White Mountains offer a couple and visitors plenty of outdoor activities as well as some getaway places to enjoy each other’s company. The range spreads from the western part of the state to the northeast, so it covers a wide area, with plenty of locations and things to do in New Hampshire.   Outdoor … Read More

July 15 2013

The Science Behind the Manor's Exquisite Drinks

Below are some exquisite mixed drinks you can make yourself, or enjoy at the Stonehurst Manor, the premier North Conway hotel. All are sublime examples of the mixologist’s art. Though each drink is unique, the making of them begins with the same caution you probably heard in the kitchen from grandma: “Never use the cheap stuff.” A great drink is born of great ingredients and … Read More

NH Weddings at Stonehurst Manor July 08 2013

NH Weddings: 8 questions with a Justice of the Peace

Please enjoy our latest interview with Kim Steward, Justice of the Peace. 1. How long have you been a Justice of the Peace and how/why did you become one? I was a Notary Public as part of my job. I attended a friend’s wedding in the White Mountains and they had to search for a JP who was willing to hike into the back country. … Read More

June 24 2013

Things To Do In New Hampshire

The Granite State is known for its many recreational pursuits. In fact, it doesn’t matter what time of year you visit, there are plenty of things to do in New Hampshire, indoors and out. 1. Outdoor sports. New Hampshire offers a plethora of outdoor sports. In the spring and summer, you can enjoy some of the country’s best trout fishing, not to mention miles and miles of … Read More

June 04 2013

Exploring the White Mountains in North Conway

One of the highlights of visiting the North Conway area New Hampshire is having an opportunity to explore the White Mountains, a part of the Appalachian Mountain range and home to White Mountains National Forest, the 750,852-acre park located just outside of town. The scenic park offers beautiful vistas, abundant wildlife and a myriad of activities for all ages and all skill levels. Ways to … Read More

Golf North Conway NH May 24 2013

North Conway: The Ideal Golf Vacation Destination!

One of the best ways to enjoy the scenery of the area surrounding North Conway is to take to the links and test your skill on one of the many golf courses in east-central New Hampshire and southwest Maine. North Conway Area Golf Courses East-central New Hampshire offers a variety of challenging, scenic and historic golf courses, both 18-hole and 9-hole courses. A few of … Read More

Dog Friendly Hotels North Conway, NH May 17 2013

Pet Friendly Hotels in North Conway

One of the best pet friendly hotels in North Conway also happens to be an enchanting historical boutique manor. The friendly staff of Stonehurst Manor is dedicated to affording each guest the luxury of having their pet stay with them on vacation. With a history steeped in feline love, there is no better vacation destination for your beloved pet. Mr. Bigelow, a beautiful white cat, adopted … Read More

May 06 2013

North Conway: Hotels, Entertainment, Restaurants, and more

Located in east-central New Hampshire, adjacent to the 700,000-acre White Mountains National Park, North Conway offers year-round activities, scenic beauty and charming hostelries. Easily accessible from all around the east coast and Midwest, North Conway makes an ideal getaway from fast-paced city life. North Conway Hotels The North Conway area offers a myriad of hotels, each with its own charm and appeal. You’ll find few … Read More