Photo Credit: December 14 2013

Six Weird Christmas Traditions Around the World

You are probably convinced that your family has the weirdest Christmas traditions. Perhaps you have experienced more than your share of yankee swaps, wearing obnoxious Christmas sweaters or something along those lines, but you might enjoy the fact that your family’s traditions might not even come close to the “weird traditions” category. It’s worth a holiday adventure to find six weird Christmas traditions around the … Read More

stonehurst_stretch December 13 2013

Top 5 Food Lovers Hotels in New England

The truth is, not all New England hotels are particularly generous in catering to the food lover’s demanding palate. However, we’ve discovered five standout hotels for food lovers in New England that can satiate those with the most discerning tastes in provisions and accommodations. The Charles Hotel, Cambridge MA With two signature restaurants and a thriving jazz club, The Charles Hotel in Cambridge combines modern … Read More

warm-drink December 13 2013

The 5 Best Hot Drinks to Warm Your Toes

The weather outside is frightful, but Stonehurst has some delightful drinks to keep you warm throughout this holiday season!  Use This Graphic for FREE on Your Site! You may use the infographic above on your website, however, the license we grant to you requires that you properly and correctly attribute the work to us with a link back to our website by using the following … Read More

Photo Credit: December 12 2013

3 Easy DIY Holiday Food Gifts

Homemade Christmas gifts are typically appreciated and treasured. The fact that someone went to all the trouble to make something for you tends to make you feel warmly toward that person and toward the gift. It’s the personal touch that says, “I care” that people love about homemade gifts. Some of the easiest and most appreciated homemade gifts are food gifts. Let’s face it, everyone … Read More

Christmas Away From Home December 02 2013

Celebrating Christmas Away From Home

There are a lot of people who will spend Christmas away from home. Some will be away because of their work, and some simply because of distance. Then of course, we all may have slightly different definitions of the word “home” which can complicate the issue. There are parents who have adult children living far away. Those children may not be able to make it … Read More

Trees On Ski Slopes With Sun November 19 2013

Where to Eat, Drink and Ski in the White Mountains

The White Mountains of New Hampshire offer ski enthusiasts some of the best snow and slopes found in America. The majesty of these old mountains, the haunting and primeval beauty of the endless forests, the famous Yankee hospitality and the world-class lodging and amenities make the White Mountains a best-loved destination for ski buffs. There are many places for travelers to find a warm welcome, … Read More

North Conway Shopping November 19 2013

5 Best Holiday Shopping Destinations

1. New York City One of the world’s most beloved shopping havens, and the one city you’ll find on every shopping mavens list! Hop a cab, take the subway, or walk to the various shopping neighborhoods as your hunt for the perfect gifts this holiday season. Don’t forget to bring a pair of flats along with for after you’ve put enough city blocks on your … Read More

Wedding Dress Fitting November 14 2013

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Shape

Planning a wedding is exciting, challenging and full of choices. Picking out the right wedding dress is one of the most important decisions for a bride. Even finding a unique wedding venue does not hold the same significance as finding a dress that is beautiful, timeless and perfect for the big day. Before getting married in NH or looking for NH hotels for your guests, take the time to … Read More

Woman Shopping November 14 2013

Hottest Christmas Gifts for Women 2013

It’s that time of the year again! Time to set your budget, make your shopping lists, and find the best deals on the hottest items to give this year. So, what do women want this year? How do you decide what to get? Need some help getting started? I’ve put together a list of the hottest items to give this holiday season for the the … Read More