Spring is Coming! Diana's Bath is flowing again. March 08 2016

Cabin Fever The White Mountain Cure

As this winter approaches an official end on Sunday, March 20th at 12:30 am, are you feeling a bit unhappy, lethargic and tend to be a bit impatient? According to Urban Dictionary, you may be a victim of Cabin Fever! This is not a medical condition but a result of spending too much time indoors. Too often you made the choice to stay home rather … Read More

September 14 2015

Ride Conway Scenic Railroad

White Mountain Day Trips: Conway Scenic Railroad Driving time from Stonehurst Manor: 6 min Total Trip Time: Depends on what excursion you choose Want an unforgettable memory? How about experiencing a historic train ride through the Mount Washington Valley with the mountain air lightly brushing across your cheeks? It’s possible if you visit the Conway Scenic Railroad in North Conway! You’ll have three options to … Read More

September 04 2015

Shop Settlers Green Outlet Village

Driving Distance from Stonehurst: 10 min A significant attraction for tourists visiting North Conway, NH lies in the center of the hustle and bustle – Settlers Green Outlet Village. Once a racetrack and later an airport known for its bi-plane excursion rides, Settlers Green Outlet Village has been a draw for bargain-hunting shoppers and a significant boost to Mount Washington Valley’s tourism-dependent economy. Originally intended … Read More

September 01 2015

Explore the Kancamagus Highway

Another post in our series of White Mountain Day Trips – Driving Time from Stonehurst Manor: 52 min Total Trip Time: 1-2 hrs What is the Kancamagus Highway? The Kancamagus Highway, is a 34.5 mile scenic drive along NH’s Rt. 112 in Northern New Hampshire that is well known as one of the best Fall Foliage viewing areas in the country. The Kancamagus Highway is … Read More

August 10 2015

White Mountain Day Trip: Tubing Down the Saco River

Driving Time from Stonehurst Manor: as close as 10 minutes Total Trip Time: 2 – 7 hrs depending upon itinerary A relaxing way to beat the heat! There are few things more relaxing than floating down the Saco river on a calm summer day in New Hampshire. For most, tubing the river is the preferred method, but some use canoes, kayaks or virtually anything else … Read More

August 06 2015

Hike Cathedral Ledge

Driving Time from Stonehurst Manor: 10 minutes One of the most visible attractions in North Conway is Cathedral and Whitehorse Ledges. These sheer granite faces were formed during the retreat of the last ice-age. The beauty and ruggedness of the terrain has been a favorite of hikers and climbers for generations. While you don’t need to be an experienced climber to enjoy the mountain, there … Read More

June 12 2015

Drones – The Changing Photographic Landscape

Drones have been getting a lot of press recently but they aren’t all about clandestine surveillance and black op’s. Drones developed for civilians can be fun and enjoyable when paired with your favorite camera. Visitors to the White Mountains of New Hampshire have taken to these unmanned aircrafts to photograph everything from the majestic Mt. Washington to weddings at the Manor. Drones can be dangerous however so … Read More

June 09 2015

The hottest summer trends for 2015

You probably know North Conway, New Hampshire, for its spectacular hiking, beautiful views and fun, outdoor adventures. But did you know that the area’s also famous for its tax-free NH shopping? With summer rolling in, you’re likely keeping an eye out for the latest warm-weather fashions for 2015. At shopping hot spots in North Conway like Settler’s Green Outlet Village and Spruce Hurricane, you’ll find all the latest styles to keep … Read More

June 06 2015

Enjoy summer — But protect your skin with these tips

As you enjoy the long days of summer vacations — hiking, floating down the Saco River near Stonehurst Manor and just basking in the great outdoors — give some thought to your skin. Spending prolonged time exposed to the sun without protection can damage your skin and can even lead to skin cancer. The biggest risk from long-term sun exposure is melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin … Read More

June 03 2015

Kites – A Different Kind of Vacation Fun

Don’t want to chase a frisbee all afternoon or put up with kids complaining about being bored? Stonehurst Manor offers the perfect setting for a change of pace activity that will please the young and not so young alike. The Manor’s lush green lawn offers ample room to enjoy kite flying with the White Mountains providing a spectacular backdrop. The Chinese are known for making amazing kites as can be … Read More