Adirondack Chair at Stonehurst Manor April 23 2014

How To Make An Adirondack Chair

Imagine sitting out on the lawn at the Stonehurst Manor in an Adirondack Chair, gazing out over Mount Washington. The soft breeze and the mild air invite you to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery. There are few experiences that are more refreshing than taking the time to experience this type of complete relaxation. No hecticness associated with meetings, no electronics to distract you; just … Read More

April 20 2014

5 German Easter Traditions You Didn't Know About

Frohe Ostern! Happy Easter! Ostern is German for Easter, and in Germany, Easter is not a celebration that lasts just a single day. Instead, Easter in Germany is a celebration lasts for four days, though the tradition is celebrated throughout the entire month. Karfreitag is how you say Good Friday in German. The Ostern celebration starts with Gruendonnerstag, which is Green Thursday, which segaways into … Read More

Eating Organic In North Conway, NH April 01 2014

Local Food and Farms in North Conway, NH

There is almost no point to living in New Hampshire if you’re not going to take advantage of the fresh food options that we have here. The farmers’ markets, the local dairy and vegetable farms, the local-ingredients used at restaurants throughout North Conway, there’s really no better place to be if you want fresh, locally-sourced food that’s never seen the inside of a long-haul truck. … Read More

Local Raspberries North Conway NH March 26 2014

3 Early Harvest New England Crops

There are many advantages to growing your own crops, and luckily there are a variety of plants indigenous to New England that can easily be cultivated and harvested on a large or small scale. Jerusalem Artichokes: Sometimes called Sunchokes or Earth Apples, Jerusalem Artichokes are a tuber that make a great alternative to potatoes. They can also be baked, fried, or roasted just like a … Read More

March 22 2014

3 Refreshing Spring Cocktail Recipes

As Spring approaches, it’s time to stretch our legs, get ready for gardening, and sit back to enjoy a few cocktails in the sun! We hope you enjoy the recipes below! Happy Spring! #1 April Showers 2 oz vodka 1 ½ pumps Amoretti Premium Blood Orange Syrup ¼ fresh-squeezed lime 2 oz Tonic Water Granulated sugar Add first four ingredients to a Collins glass rimmed in … Read More

Source: March 18 2014

Tour The Covered Bridges of NH

At the height of their use, more than 10,000 covered bridges existed throughout the United States. Of the 750 that are left, 54 of them are located in beautiful New Hampshire. Existing throughout the state, the covered bridges of NH each boast their own design that’s unique to the town where they’re located. Due to their history and structural beauty, covered bridges were the first … Read More

Source: March 18 2014

Spring Skiing On Mount Washington

Spring skiing season is just around the corner! The months of April through July are big here at Mount Washington. Now is the time to make your reservations and come to Stonehurst Manor for a skiing adventure at Tuckerman Ravine, located just 26 miles north east of the lodge. Tuckerman Ravine is a huge landmark for the spring skiers and has been known to draw … Read More

Source: March 17 2014

Unusual Saint Patricks Day Traditions From Around The World

The month of March is a time of transition, when Winter hurls it’s last dying gasps of defiance and Spring whispers of it’s tentative but inevitable approach and the re-greening of the world. So what could be more appropriate than a holiday that’s all about green, St. Patrick’s Day? For most it’s a day of green beer, pinching folks who forget to wear something green, … Read More