Eric Milligan and Keith Garret Mushroom Hunting May 20 2014

New Hampshire Mushroom Hunting

Believe it or not, New Hampshire is a hidden gem for those who enjoy foraging for fungi. Edible varieties cover every corner of the Granite State, with some being highly coveted by gourmet chefs. More often than not, once you discover the hidden world of mushrooms, a simple walk in the woods will ultimately turn into a hunt for dinner. Mushroom hunting does not come … Read More

Telescope under the night sky May 19 2014

View the stars from Mt. Washington

There’s nothing quite as stunningly beautiful as nature itself, especially when you’re in New Hampshire. ‘The Granite State offers crisp and unpolluted air, making it a terrific place to simply lie back and view the clear evening sky. But New Hampshire offers far more than a clear and pristine atmosphere that’s perfect for stargazing. No, there’s Mount Washington which stands at 6,288 feet (1,917 m), … Read More

Man Admiring Mountain View May 19 2014

Get Connected By Disconnecting at Stonehurst Manor

In today’s age and time, we’re always looking down. Whether it be looking at a smartphone, a laptop, an iPad or whatever, both children and adults tend to look down more than up. For some reason, we’ve fallen victim to the false belief of thinking “if you stay connected to your devices, you stay connected with other humans.” This is untrue. Anyone born in the … Read More

Rotary Evaporator May 19 2014

Making Cocktails with Science

As drinks in the best bars reach new levels of sophistication, their preparation has been taking on a decidedly scientific bent. A recent Business Insider article profiled a number of bars around the world now using laboratory-inspired equipment. Vacuum machines, industrial filters and tabletop stills are just some of the equipment used. For example, a pina colada might be made of distilled, clarified ingredients frozen … Read More

Horseback Riding North Conway NH April 28 2014

5 NH Summer Vacation Ideas You Can't Miss

New Hampshire is one of the country’s most breathtaking terrain, and you’ll find plenty to do if you love being outdoors or behind the wheel of your car. Check out a central location such as Stonehurst Manor when you’re planning your White Mountain Summer Vacation to get the most out of your time. 1. Horseback Riding If you’ve ever seen the movie “City Slickers,” then you might … Read More

Wedding Party Shoes April 24 2014

Best New England Outdoor Wedding Venues

Let the stunning scenery of New England be the backdrop for your nuptials with an outdoor wedding ceremony at one of these picturesque venues. York Harbor Inn – Hartley Mason Reserve in Maine Say your vows on at the edge of the ocean at the exquisite oceanfront Hartley Mason Reserve across from the York Harbor Inn. This seaside locale provides the bride and groom with … Read More

Beer Flight April 24 2014

LOVE BEER? Tour NH Breweries!

With summer coming up, beer takes center stage in simple weeknight meals, entertaining, and grilling season. Take a mini vacation to visit some NH breweries, find new favorite craft beers to put on ice this summer, and unwind. These 5 breweries offer a taste of some of the Granite State’s finest brews. Make a weekend out of your New Hampshire brewery tours by hitting up … Read More

Harbor Fish Market April 23 2014

From Fish to Fork: Chef Avi Visits Harbor Fish Market

Stonehurst Manor understands that the key to a great experience is attention to detail. Everything from the layout of our rooms to the decorations in the dining lounge is considered in painstaking detail. Visitors to Stonehurst Manor have an expectation that they will experience the best service and the best food, and we strive every day to live up to and exceed those expectations. [image_frame … Read More

Fresh Blueberries April 23 2014

3 Delicious Berry Picking Outings in New Hampshire

Now that winter is behind us in New England, we are about to embark upon the berry picking season. This typically begins in late May and continues through the seasons until December in New Hampshire. For those who are interested in berry picking outings in New Hampshire, here are three to consider when planning your next trip. 1: Strawberry Picking: Early Spring Berries You can … Read More