Young men August 13 2014

The Top 5 Bachelor Party Getaway Ideas in New Hampshire

A bachelor’s party doesn’t need to be a drinking bash. It can easily be a group adventure designed to bring out the best in friendship bonds with a weekend or week-long getaway. Here are five opportunities and top activities available in New Hampshire that don’t involve a bar, strippers, or losing a whole lot of money: 1. Try out an ATV The beauty of New … Read More

Wedding August 06 2014

32 Do-It-Yourself Creative Wedding Favors

Somewhere between interviewing photographers and sampling cake you remember you still need wedding favors for your guests to take home. You’ve got two options. First, you could plop down a chunk of your wedding budget on prepackaged doodads, like overly scented candles or flimsy cookie cutters. But, let’s be honest, those will just get left on the tables, abandoned in the back seat of cars … Read More

Happy Dog Licking Ice Cream Cone August 06 2014

7 Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

You know how much you love homemade treats? The four-legged members of your family love them too! Here are seven nutritious homemade treats that are sure win a top spot on your dog’s list of favorite foods. Gift Treats Made with bacon fat, eggs and wheat germ, these simple treats can be made in under an hour. According to the cooks at The Kitchn, this … Read More

Travel August 06 2014

Why We Love Traveling and You Should Too

Travel invokes a psychological and physical response from new situations. Just as a muscle strengthens after a new workout, each new destination alters the way you see and exist in the world. Seeing travel as part of an inner journey to self-discovery adds a new dimension to the experience beyond taking a week off work and increases the joy in traveling. These changes are possible … Read More

Hands of dates August 06 2014

5 Romantic Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend or Wife

What was the last time you showed your girlfriend or wife a little romance? There’s no better way to show her that you love her, especially on her birthday, your anniversary or for no reason at all. Plan one of these five romantic gift ideas today. 1. Walk Down Memory Lane You might not remember all the details of your first or fiftieth date, but … Read More

Healthy eating July 23 2014

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Food

Finding new ways to stay healthy can often be as clear cut as the option between choosing a salad in place of fried potatoes for your side dish. But what do you do when you have to choose between two healthy selections? Check out these superior foods that you should be eating in place of other less beneficial items. Taking Out Egg Yolks Did you … Read More

new-hampshire-winter-wedding-2-copy July 23 2014

What Will Weddings Be Like In 100 Years?

The wedding industry continues to evolve as quickly as the culture of the people celebrating the occasion. While a generation or two ago it was common to celebrate upcoming nuptials in backyards with home-cooked meals for a celebration, in recent years these trends have been replaced by people’s desires to throw lavish parties for a hundred guests or more at fancy halls or outdoor reception … Read More

North Conway Cupcakes July 21 2014

A Sweet Tour of North Conway, NH

Most known for its picturesque landscapes, fairytale vistas, and majestic mountaintops, North Conway, New Hampshire is the site for tourists looking either for peace or adventure. One of the town’s most well-kept secrets, however, hides not in the forest, but in the domain of local businesses. Wander about the streets and you’ll find that the town is also New Hampshire’s sweet-tooth paradise. Brace for a … Read More

enhanced-buzz-21472-1375281262-4 July 21 2014

10 Essential NH Hiking Hacks and Tips

New Hampshire offers many hiking opportunities. In the White Mountain National Forest alone there are several mountains and trails that reach mountain peaks as high as 4,000 feet. The trail on Mount Eisenhower and Mount Pierce covers 7.4 miles and is the oldest maintained trail in the country. A bigger challenge comes on the 14.2 mile trail through the wilderness between Mount Garfield and Galehead … Read More

breakfast July 17 2014

Breakfasts Around the World

While most Americans would be delighted to wake up to a cup of coffee, a stack of pancakes and maybe some eggs and bacon for breakfast, others across the globe have their own ideas of the perfect morning meal. In England, for example they also enjoy starting the day with eggs and bacon, but rather than pancakes, the english opt for grilled tomatoes and sausages … Read More