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June 01 2015

Beautiful NH Fall Weddings

June may get all of the bridal press, but autumn is a great time to get married, especially in the White Mountains of east-central New Hampshire. The air is crisp, the humidity low; the leaves are a lovely array of orange, red and yellow; and the crowds of the summer tourist season have returned home. New Hampshire in autumn is quiet, romantic and offers as … Read More

February 23 2015

10 Ways to Save Money on a NH Wedding

Every couple planning a wedding should have a budget. Weddings are significant events that do not need to break the bank. Here are 10 ways to get the most value in a NH Wedding. 1. Start planning early Planning in advance helps to secure the right venue, florists and catering options at the perfect price point. Remember that vendor calendars fill up quickly so give … Read More

February 18 2015

How to Choose a Wedding Destination

Selecting the right location for a destination wedding is a challenging task. A bride and groom will want to consider several factors before deciding on the perfect destination. Fortunately, some key factors make it easier to identify an appropriate location and narrow down the choices for the perfect wedding plans. Consider the Guests A destination wedding must consider the guests and their mobility. For example, … Read More

February 02 2015

Top 4 Wedding Trends for 2015

The take on the traditional wedding always falls prey to the whims and fantasies of every new bride. 2015 has already seen new wedding trends emerge as brides and grooms challenge the ways of their parents and grandparents. 1. Cupcakes It may be the massive popularity of the television show, “Cupcake Wars,” that instigated this new wedding trend. Wedding cakes can cost in the thousands … Read More

January 22 2015

The Benefits Of A Boutique Hotel Wedding

A recent wedding trend for modern brides and grooms is a more intimate location to spend their special day together, as well as with friends and family. Intimate does not necessarily mean a drastically pared down guest list, but could mean some streamlining of amenities. Couples who want a more personal experience are looking to boutique hotel venus to the tie the knot. While large … Read More

November 14 2014

Why Get Married in Winter?

According to the, June and September are the most popular wedding months, each hosting roughly 15% of the weddings for the year 2013. Fortunately there are 10 perfectly good months to get married in each year and some of them happen to be in winter. The unsung hero of this race to the altar is winter; however, couples are starting to catch on to … Read More

November 13 2014

Meet Heidi Shellmer – Stonehurst General Manager and...

If you’ve been to Stonehurst Manor, you’ve definitely met the General Manager, Heidi Shellmer. She’s hard to miss as she darts around making sure everyone is taken care of and ensuring the place is running along as smooth as can be. What you may not have known is her passion and extraordinary talent for planning the perfect wedding. Peter Rattay, the Proprietor of the Manor … Read More

October 20 2014

Meet Stephanie Emmons, our featured bride of the month!

Meet Stephanie Emmons, our featured bride of the month! Join us as we take you through the incredible journey from when she met her handsome beau Matt to when they were united forever at the Stonehurst Manor. How did you two meet? The day I first laid eyes on Matt was 4 years ago, when I joined his team at Fidelity Investments. I remember it … Read More

October 16 2014

4 Jaw Dropping Wedding Proposal Videos

We think our little corner of the world in North Conway, New Hampshire is pretty idyllic. It’s rarely too hot, the air is crisp and clear, and the scenery is lovely year round. There are mountains in the background, covered bridges to explore and plenty of outdoor sports to enjoy. In short, it’s the perfect place to host a wedding. If you’re thinking about getting … Read More

September 16 2014

Stunning Wedding Centerpiece Ideas for Fall

If you’re having a fall wedding, chances are you’re already a big fan of the beauteous bounty that nature provides during those temperate months. Take advantage of the natural gifts of the season to create unique and stunning wedding centerpieces that will be admired and remembered. Here are some ideas to get you started. Branch out. Stark branches or branches with just a handful of … Read More