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Celebrate Valentine's Day in Ski Country! February 09 2017

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Ski Country

Wondering how to make Valentine’s Day special this year? Make your Valentine’s Day celebration magical by celebrating in Ski Country! Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a skier. North Conway New Hampshire is one of National Geographic’s top 25 ski towns in the world! Have you wondered how today’s Valentine traditions began? History claims Saint Valentine was imprisoned in Roman times for performing weddings … Read More

Ice Bar at Stonehurst Manor January 06 2017

Ice Bar: A Must Do for Winter

If you are looking for a cool bar, find the nearest Ice Bar.  Many feature a full size bar carved in ice along with ice sculptures which may be used for tables and seating.  Bigger ice bars are within ice structures and include glasses and even stairs made from ice.  The most popular drinks are often ice-cold vodka shots or cocktails but most offer a … Read More

January 26 2015

Health Benefits of Cross Country Skiing

When winter brings one storm after another, creating several feet of snow for each round of storms, one of the best things you can do is strap on your snow skis for some cross-country skiing to break out of the wintertime blues. While cross-country skiing is a great opportunity–sometimes an even greater excuse–to play in the snow, there are also several health perks associated with … Read More

January 17 2015

Repurpose Your Old Skis

Who doesn’t love arts and crafts? Like most hobbies, you start collecting gear over the years, most of it going out of style and use. Because many of us can’t throw anything away, it all piles up. Skis are no exception. If you’d like to recycle your skis into something beautiful and functional, we have some ideas. From coat racks to Adirondack style chairs, the … Read More

January 05 2015

Aerial Ski Jumpers – The Science!

From the opening credits of the “Wide World of Sports” television program to any winter Olympics broadcast, we have all probably held our collective breath at the sight of a skier soaring, spinning and spiraling, suspended 50 feet in the air. For viewers, it s difficult to tell where these daredevils might land, but these athletes spend years practicing their sport to make it look … Read More

December 31 2014

A Brief History of Skis

If you thought those decrepit old wooden skis you found in your grandfather’s barn were old, wait until you hear these tales of the first generation of skis. Here’s a brief history of skis and how they were used, way back before you were even a twinkle in the universe’s eye. Skis were first invented as mobile devices to help hungry nomadic tribesmen follow their … Read More

December 01 2014

Why North Conway is one of the East's Most Liveable Ski...

In the winter, people brave the wiles of Mount Washington and the White Mountains with ice climbing, skiing or snowmobiling. In the summer, spring or fall; they might try hiking or biking along with some rock climbing. However, people who visit North Conway also might spend a day kayaking or enjoy some fly fishing. Additional fun to be had on Mount Washington and surrounding areas: … Read More

September 16 2014

25 Things To Do In The White Mountains Guide Offered By...

We happen to think that our little corner of the world, the White Mountain region of eastern New Hampshire, is pretty special. That's why we just released our 40-page, free download, "25 Things to Do in the White Mountains." Our area offers hiking, climbing, fishing and skiing as well as charming antique stores, farmers' markets and scenic vistas around every corner. Eastern New Hampshire offers … Read More

Source: March 18 2014

Spring Skiing On Mount Washington

Spring skiing season is just around the corner! The months of April through July are big here at Mount Washington. Now is the time to make your reservations and come to Stonehurst Manor for a skiing adventure at Tuckerman Ravine, located just 26 miles north east of the lodge. Tuckerman Ravine is a huge landmark for the spring skiers and has been known to draw … Read More

February 21 2014

Three of New Hampshire's Athletes at the Sochi 2014...

New Hampshire has a strong reputation for producing winter Olympians, and 2014 is no exception. The state produced nine athletes for the 2014 Sochi Olympics, and three are profiled below. Bode Miller Growing up adjacent to Cannon Mountain allowed Bode Miller to stamp his name on ski racing with a lifetime career of races and championships. No surprise then, Miller was fully expected to show … Read More