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New Hampshire Black Bear April 04 2017

Black Bear Sightings

Will I see a bear when I visit New Hampshire’s White Mountains? The black bear is a magnificent sight for sure and many visitors ask this question. They typically prefer large forested areas with little human disturbance. This changes with their search for food in the spring. Bears can be seen at any time of the day from spring through the fall so please drive … Read More

August 10 2015

White Mountain Day Trip: Tubing Down the Saco River

Driving Time from Stonehurst Manor: as close as 10 minutes Total Trip Time: 2 – 7 hrs depending upon itinerary A relaxing way to beat the heat! There are few things more relaxing than floating down the Saco river on a calm summer day in New Hampshire. For most, tubing the river is the preferred method, but some use canoes, kayaks or virtually anything else … Read More

August 06 2014

7 Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

You know how much you love homemade treats? The four-legged members of your family love them too! Here are seven nutritious homemade treats that are sure win a top spot on your dog’s list of favorite foods. Gift Treats Made with bacon fat, eggs and wheat germ, these simple treats can be made in under an hour. According to the cooks at The Kitchn, this … Read More

June 13 2014

National Adopt a Cat Month

There is an official wiggle your toes day. No, we’re not kidding, there is an actual day for this. In fact, there are National “days” for just about anything. In our travels we found National Crabmeat Day, Static Electricity Day and even a National Rubber Duckie Day. Sure it’s silly, but hey, who does it hurt? To be honest, while I wrote this blog I … Read More

Pet Friendly Wedding Venue November 05 2013

Pet-friendly weddings: How to include your best friend in...

For many people, pets are much more than companions or furry friends–they are members of the family! It is only natural to want to include these four legged family members in your upcoming wedding. Planning a pet-friendly nuptial celebration, however, requires special considerations to help keep everything running smoothly. Here are some tips to help make sure everyone involved in the big day has a … Read More

September 19 2013

New Hampshire Vacation Planning Guide Offered By Popular...

September 5, 2013 North Conway, NH – Stonehurst Manor, a historic boutique hotel, a favorite among locals and tourists alike, released their 13 page New Hampshire Vacation Planning Guide to assist travelers in planning a New Hampshire Vacation. “We hope this guide, which includes information on the best times to visit, seasonal activities, where to eat, where to shop, and where to stay, will help make the planning … Read More

Dog Friendly Hotels North Conway, NH May 17 2013

Pet Friendly Hotels in North Conway

One of the best pet friendly hotels in North Conway also happens to be an enchanting historical boutique manor. The friendly staff of Stonehurst Manor is dedicated to affording each guest the luxury of having their pet stay with them on vacation. With a history steeped in feline love, there is no better vacation destination for your beloved pet. Mr. Bigelow, a beautiful white cat, adopted … Read More

October 17 2012

Vacation Rentals in North Conway, NH

North Conway, NH – As the Mount Washington Valley is getting cold-weather preparations underway in anticipation of what should prove to be a memorable winter, you are no doubt beginning to map out your own plans for winter vacationing! It’s no secret that North Conway is a winter vacationer’s dream destination; it has been for decades! The reasons to choose North Conway as your vacation … Read More