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June 12 2015

Drones – The Changing Photographic Landscape

Drones have been getting a lot of press recently but they aren’t all about clandestine surveillance and black op’s. Drones developed for civilians can be fun and enjoyable when paired with your favorite camera. Visitors to the White Mountains of New Hampshire have taken to these unmanned aircrafts to photograph everything from the majestic Mt. Washington to weddings at the Manor. Drones can be dangerous however so … Read More

May 05 2015

Selfie Safety – Travel Smartly

“But first, let me take a selfie.” Yes, selfie culture has become popular enough that an EDM group called The Chainsmokers released a song about these self-portraits. While always a little narcissistic, selfies can be dangerous in a number of ways. As vacation season arrives, prepare to see lots of pictures of your friends in exotic spots. If you’re visiting White Mountain, New Hampshire or … Read More

May 01 2015

The Flavor of New Hampshire Politics

Aside from its stunningly delicious maple syrup, the state of New Hampshire is probably best known for its role in presidential politics.  As each presidential primary season gets underway, potential candidates flock to New Hampshire to eat pancakes, marvel over the fall foliage, and rub elbows with the locals.  NH politics is a serious business for candidates and voters alike. First in the Nation Since … Read More

April 23 2015

10 Things Only People from NH Will Understand

As a resident of New Hampshire, you’re more than proud to live here. In fact, you may brag a little bit, but it’s only because you’re so full of NH pride. However, when your distant family or old friends come by for a few days, you find that it’s practically like you’re speaking a different language since everyone is so out of the loop. Here … Read More

Mt. Washington Summit Stage Office January 19 2015

The Amazing Weather of Mt. Washington

Our neighbor, Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the northeastern United States, boasts having the worst weather on the planet. Although there have been a few storms with higher recorded wind speeds, the trophy for sickest, most insane weather typically goes to this New Hampshire mountain. About Mt. Washington Weather The erratic weather atop Mt. Washington is due primarily to the fact that, as the … Read More

January 13 2015

L.L. Bean – Where Quality Still Means Something

L.L. Bean boots are a New England legend in footwear. Of late, they have become a must-have item for the fashion conscious. But, for locals these hand-made boots are a staple because of their quality, durability, and common sense usefulness. They may be the hottest trending thing for hipsters and preppies but to the locals, LL Bean is what they wear and what they have … Read More

December 14 2014

The Power of Giving

Studies have shown that the act of giving can actually lead to better health. When you give, the goodwill that you generate radiates outward and then back to you. Here’s more about the power of giving and some suggested ways to give this holiday season. Giving is an intrinsically selfless act. Whether you give your time, your energy, money or other physical gift, the simple … Read More

November 18 2014

13 Unique Thanksgiving Facts

Each year, families all around America celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, and you might think you have a pretty solid idea of where the tradition comes from. We’ve found a collection of 13 unique Thanksgiving facts you can use to test your knowledge of this late autumn holiday. Will the First Site of Thanksgiving Please Stand Up? While most of us learn that the first official … Read More

November 15 2014

Create Art. It's Good For You!

Sometimes it is easy to become caught up in the throes of everyday life where people don’t properly feed the mind, spirit and soul. The trappings of work and other responsibilities that could easily land in the file category of “mundane” tend to take over and bury one’s recognition of a need to feed their creative energy. Many people probably don’t realize they have a … Read More

October 16 2014

Why You Should Care that October is Breast Cancer Awareness...

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a cause that we at Stonehurst Manor feel very strongly about. Although researchers around the world are making strides against breast cancer, and survival rates are increasing, there is still no universal cure for this disease that affects more than 232,000 American women each year. Breast cancer: up close and personal Breast cancer is still a devastating diagnosis … Read More