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June 12 2015

Drones – The Changing Photographic Landscape

Drones have been getting a lot of press recently but they aren’t all about clandestine surveillance and black op’s. Drones developed for civilians can be fun and enjoyable when paired with your favorite camera. Visitors to the White Mountains of New Hampshire have taken to these unmanned aircrafts to photograph everything from the majestic Mt. Washington to weddings at the Manor. Drones can be dangerous however so … Read More

June 06 2015

Enjoy summer — But protect your skin with these tips

As you enjoy the long days of summer vacations — hiking, floating down the Saco River near Stonehurst Manor and just basking in the great outdoors — give some thought to your skin. Spending prolonged time exposed to the sun without protection can damage your skin and can even lead to skin cancer. The biggest risk from long-term sun exposure is melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin … Read More

May 27 2015

The Art of Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing is an art form that stands alone as far as anglers are concerned. Everything from the cast to the type of fly used is meticulously thought out. Some folks believe fly fishing is the purest form and even make their own flies. We think the fly fishing in central New Hampshire is some of the best in the world…and we’re not alone. Whether you’re … Read More

May 21 2015

How to choose the right hiking boot

Hiking is a wonderful activity that offers women and men of all skill levels the exercise they desperately lack throughout the week as well as a chance to see the world and spend some time enjoying nature. Few places in the world are as lovely for hiking as east-central New Hampshire. However, hiking can be troublesome if you have the wrong footwear and can lead … Read More

May 18 2015

Family Vacations That Matter

Parents have work and the kids have school and countless activities once classes are out. On the weekend, hobbies, home remodeling projects, and necessities like outdoor cleanup and grocery shopping can keep family members separated even on days “off.” Dinnertime is no longer sacred; many families eat different meals at different times, and sitting everyone together for a an hour at night is a rarity … Read More

May 15 2015

Best NH Vacation Condo Rental

If you’re starting to plan your vacation for this season, you know that choosing the right place to stay can make or break a vacation. Renting a condo offers a myriad of advantages over staying in a traditional hotel room. If you haven’t considered a condo for your family vacation, it’s worth a second look. Advantages of a condo over a single hotel room More … Read More

May 05 2015

Selfie Safety – Travel Smartly

“But first, let me take a selfie.” Yes, selfie culture has become popular enough that an EDM group called The Chainsmokers released a song about these self-portraits. While always a little narcissistic, selfies can be dangerous in a number of ways. As vacation season arrives, prepare to see lots of pictures of your friends in exotic spots. If you’re visiting White Mountain, New Hampshire or … Read More

March 25 2015

5 Cooking Hacks to Make Dinner Prep a Snap

We all look for simple ways to make dinner preparation easier. Dicing, chopping, and peeling take up a lot of time and energy before the actual cooking begins. These five cooking hacks will change the way you look at dinner prep. Hack #1: Easily Remove The Core of Iceberg Lettuce Make a salad for a little anger management therapy. Had a long day? Take out … Read More

February 23 2015

10 Ways to Save Money on a NH Wedding

Every couple planning a wedding should have a budget. Weddings are significant events that do not need to break the bank. Here are 10 ways to get the most value in a NH Wedding. 1. Start planning early Planning in advance helps to secure the right venue, florists and catering options at the perfect price point. Remember that vendor calendars fill up quickly so give … Read More

February 21 2015

Hike the Northern Appalachian Trail

Hiking the Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire is a challenging, yet rewarding experience. It’s one of the state’s main attractions for summertime visitors, a unforgettable experience for all. Rugged paths, beautiful overlooks, and demanding climbs highlight the Trail, which stretches 2,100 miles from Maine to North Georgia.  The New Hampshire portion measures 161 miles and is considered the most challenging. Several hiking clubs maintain the trails … Read More