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March is Maple Month in New Hampshire March 09 2017

March is Maple Month

Sweet Times are Here – March is Maple Month in New Hampshire We are saddened when the warm spring temps arrive before winter is over but we know sweet times are ahead. The sap is flowing and the sugar houses are steaming!  Maple sap, known in New Hampshire as liquid gold, begins to flow with the arrival of temps that are warm during the day … Read More

Ice Bar at Stonehurst Manor January 06 2017

Ice Bar: A Must Do for Winter

If you are looking for a cool bar, find the nearest Ice Bar.  Many feature a full size bar carved in ice along with ice sculptures which may be used for tables and seating.  Bigger ice bars are within ice structures and include glasses and even stairs made from ice.  The most popular drinks are often ice-cold vodka shots or cocktails but most offer a … Read More

April 27 2015

New Hampshire Wine

When you think of vineyards, wine production and wineries in the United States, you aren’t alone if your thoughts immediately veer to the West Coast. However, the East Coast has gained fertile ground in spots along the eastern seaboard that include Virginia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York and Washington, DC. Though still relatively new to the winemaking scene, New Hampshire has gained notoriety in the … Read More

March 17 2015

3 Saint Patrick's Day Cocktail Recipes

Green, green everywhere. On St. Patrick’s Day, green beer will certainly be flowing to celebrate the luck of the Irish. However, instead of spending time at an overcrowded pub crawl this year, consider making your own green spirits at home or anywhere else you host a party. These cocktails only require a handful of ingredients so that even beginners can whip up a fancy drink … Read More

February 06 2015

How It’s Made – Ice Sculptures

Ice sculptures are beautiful works of art that can create unexpected results. Depending on the way that the ice is sculpted and created, it is possible to create a waterfall effect, beautiful statues or useful trays that keep foods or beverages cold. Although the image and sculpture varies significantly, the process of making an ice sculpture is similar. Creating Clear Ice An ice sculpture requires … Read More

December 15 2014

5 Forgotten Drinks of New England

Two hundred years later, we may think of the early colonial New England residents as being puritanical, interested only in politics and religion. However, the truth is that many of these early New Englanders enjoyed a cocktail (or two) now and again. Many of these early New England recipes have become forgotten over the years to make way for new drinks. At Stonehurst Manor this … Read More

October 31 2014

Caramel Apple Martini Recipe

Looking for the perfect drink to sip by the fire? Look no further than the caramel apple martini, shake it up! 6 count vanilla vodka 2 count pumpkin pie spice liqueur 2 count butternut schnapps 2 count baileys Michael’s Drinks! If you love mixing drinks, our magic mixologist has put together a FREE drink mixing course for you on UDEMY!

October 20 2014

The Unlikely History of Three Famous Cocktails

Do you ever wonder why some drinks have such catchy, unusual, intriguing or downright odd names? Whether you have a taste for a Sidecar, a Harvey Wallbanger, a Tom Collins, a Mai Tai or a Mojito, stop and think about the name and the reason for it. Chances are good that there is a story attached to your favorite quaff at your local drinking establishment, … Read More

June 02 2014

5 Refreshing Drinks for Summer

Summer is finally here. The wind carries the sweet scent of freshly cut grass, the birds are chirping and the sun is bronzing the white pasty sticks you call legs after a long and brutal New Hampshire winter. As you recline in your freshly painted Adirondack chair and behold the majestic White Mountains you may forget about your vitamin D deficiencies with a cool refreshing … Read More

Rotary Evaporator May 19 2014

Making Cocktails with Science

As drinks in the best bars reach new levels of sophistication, their preparation has been taking on a decidedly scientific bent. A recent Business Insider article profiled a number of bars around the world now using laboratory-inspired equipment. Vacuum machines, industrial filters and tabletop stills are just some of the equipment used. For example, a pina colada might be made of distilled, clarified ingredients frozen … Read More