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April 18 2015

New England's Best Food

If you want a cheese steak, you go to Philadelphia; if you want poutine, you go to Canada; and if you want the best clam chowder you’ve ever tasted, you go to New England. While other states try to make knockoff versions, nothing can beat the fresh seafood from New Hampshire and beyond. When you plan your visit, prepare to take your taste buds on … Read More

April 17 2015

For a healthy mind and body, grab your watering can!

New Hampshire hasn’t yet lost that last nip of winter in the air, but spring is on the way — we promise! With spring comes the opportunity, finally, to bring the seedlings out of the basement and get planting. Gardening typically ranks near the top of favorite American hobbies, and for many good reasons. It gets you outside in natural settings, and soon you’re enjoying … Read More

March 25 2015

5 Cooking Hacks to Make Dinner Prep a Snap

We all look for simple ways to make dinner preparation easier. Dicing, chopping, and peeling take up a lot of time and energy before the actual cooking begins. These five cooking hacks will change the way you look at dinner prep. Hack #1: Easily Remove The Core of Iceberg Lettuce Make a salad for a little anger management therapy. Had a long day? Take out … Read More

March 17 2015

3 Saint Patrick's Day Cocktail Recipes

Green, green everywhere. On St. Patrick’s Day, green beer will certainly be flowing to celebrate the luck of the Irish. However, instead of spending time at an overcrowded pub crawl this year, consider making your own green spirits at home or anywhere else you host a party. These cocktails only require a handful of ingredients so that even beginners can whip up a fancy drink … Read More

March 01 2015

New Hampshire: The Best in Food and Wine

The best places for food and wine in New Hampshire. New Hampshire has a lot to offer in regards to fine wine and dining. Finding these gems may be difficult, so we’ve compiled a list of hidden gems that cannot be missed in the area. Feel free to bookmark this page as it has everything an NH Foodie Getaway could ever want. Stonehurst Manor Stonehurst Manor has what … Read More

February 08 2015

5 Perfect Winter Recipes

During the winter months, eating a warm and filling meal is comforting. The chilly outdoor weather makes a warm soup or simple meal appealing. Although personal tastes vary significantly, some winter recipes are a favorite choice to warm up after coming in from skiing, making a snowman or enjoying the outdoor activities that are only possible during the winter. Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Soup … Read More

January 11 2015

Food Trends for 2015

Each year, it seems that there is an exciting new stable of niche foods that produce a culinary euphoria among food lovers, making those foods suddenly trendy and omnipresent. These foods don’t necessarily become trendy only because the taste makers say it is so, but also because they offer something special to the diner’s palate. Often, the reason foods like avocados make the cut or … Read More

November 17 2014

7 Creative Ways to Cook a Turkey

Each year you might prepare your turkey the same way you always have, which is likely the same way your mother and her mother prepared their turkeys for their own Thanksgiving feasts. But maybe you want to try something completely different this coming Thanksgiving. Here are 7 creative ways to cook a turkey that may give your guests something to talk about. #1 Grill-Roasted Turkey … Read More

October 20 2014

3 Delicious Dinners You Can Make With Apples

This is the best time of year to take advantage of nature’s harvest. That’s right, it’s apple season, and it seems like this year’s crop in North Conway is one of the tastiest we’ve had in a long time. Here are three delicious dinners you can create in no time using fresh apples and a little ingenuity. 1. Chicken Stuffed with Apple and Bleu Cheese … Read More