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March is Maple Month in New Hampshire March 09 2017

March is Maple Month

Sweet Times are Here – March is Maple Month in New Hampshire We are saddened when the warm spring temps arrive before winter is over but we know sweet times are ahead. The sap is flowing and the sugar houses are steaming!  Maple sap, known in New Hampshire as liquid gold, begins to flow with the arrival of temps that are warm during the day … Read More

Celebrate Valentine's Day in Ski Country! February 09 2017

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Ski Country

Wondering how to make Valentine’s Day special this year? Make your Valentine’s Day celebration magical by celebrating in Ski Country! Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a skier. North Conway New Hampshire is one of National Geographic’s top 25 ski towns in the world! Have you wondered how today’s Valentine traditions began? History claims Saint Valentine was imprisoned in Roman times for performing weddings … Read More

Ice Bar at Stonehurst Manor January 06 2017

Ice Bar: A Must Do for Winter

If you are looking for a cool bar, find the nearest Ice Bar.  Many feature a full size bar carved in ice along with ice sculptures which may be used for tables and seating.  Bigger ice bars are within ice structures and include glasses and even stairs made from ice.  The most popular drinks are often ice-cold vodka shots or cocktails but most offer a … Read More

Foliage Season in Crawford Notch October 23 2016

Favorite White Mountain Hikes

White Mountain Day Trips: Our Top Three Hikes Hiking is one of the most popular activities in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and fall is one of our favorite times for a hike.  In addition to enjoying the fall colors while shuffling through the leaves,  you’ll  experience new vistas that have opened up from the fallen leaves.  “What is your favorite hike?” is one of the … Read More

Fryeburg Fair Maine's Blue Ribbon Classic Country Fair October 04 2016

Fall is Country Fair Time

When the leaves begin to turn the famous hues of fall, there is a nip in the air and the farmer’s fields are cleared for the fall harvest it must be time for the Fayuh as we say it in these here parts. What is a “Fayuh” you ask?  It’s an old-fashioned country fair with rides, livestock exhibitions, competitions of all kinds and of course … Read More

Ziplining at Wildcat Mountain September 21 2016

Ziplining for a Bird’s-Eye View of Fall Foliage

Have you ever wondered what a bird’s-eye view of the White Mountains would be like? Well, wonder no more. Try Ziplining and experience this for yourself. There is no better time for this than during the fall as the leaves become ablaze with red, orange and gold color and begin to fall for a better view. Each zipline has height and weight restrictions so please … Read More

Summit view from Mt. Washington July 25 2016

Drive Mt. Washington Auto Road

Driving Time from Stonehurst Manor: 1 hr round trip Total Trip Time: 3.5 – 4 hrs If you’re seeking a truly memorable experience that takes your breath away from beauty and a bit through fright, this is the adventure you’ve been looking for!  Mount Washington is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6,288 ft and the most prominent mountain east of the Mississippi River. … Read More

Diana's Bath June 23 2016

Diana’s Bath – A Must Do Activity

If you’re looking for a short and easy hike with the added bonus of unique natural beauty, a visit to Diana’s Baths is just the answer with picturesque waterfalls and natural pools conveniently located just outside North Conway Village. Adults and children alike can have fun exploring the area and wading in the pools and brook in summer and admiring the frozen beauty in winter.  … Read More

White Mountain National Forest May 20 2016

Hike Safe – What to Take

Hiking is one of the many outdoor adventures that attracts guests to New Hampshire year after year in every season. Whether your chosen path takes you to a mountain summit or along a lake or stream you are sure to see something you won’t see everyday. Regardless of the hike you choose, it’s your responsibility to hike safely.  Be prepared.  It is never a good … Read More

Spring is Coming! Diana's Bath is flowing again. March 08 2016

Cabin Fever The White Mountain Cure

As this winter approaches an official end on Sunday, March 20th at 12:30 am, are you feeling a bit unhappy, lethargic and tend to be a bit impatient? According to Urban Dictionary, you may be a victim of Cabin Fever! This is not a medical condition but a result of spending too much time indoors. Too often you made the choice to stay home rather … Read More