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June 20 2014

7 Famous Personalities with NH Roots

Have you ever wondered where famous people come from? It’s often strange to think about the famous or even the infamous for that matter, as people. We often see them as characters on the screen and forget they were children just like us, had difficulties growing up and adventures along the way to stardom. Let’s face it, David Schwimmer will always be Ross from friends, … Read More

June 13 2014

National Adopt a Cat Month

There is an official wiggle your toes day. No, we’re not kidding, there is an actual day for this. In fact, there are National “days” for just about anything. In our travels we found National Crabmeat Day, Static Electricity Day and even a National Rubber Duckie Day. Sure it’s silly, but hey, who does it hurt? To be honest, while I wrote this blog I … Read More

June 10 2014

NH Farmers Market – Cooking with Mushrooms

In case you haven’t heard, there is a strong farm-to-table movement happening in New Hampshire and you can be a part of it. The only requirement to join this movement is a keen desire to eat healthy, organic, environmentally sustainable fruits, vegetables and meats. Sounds pretty simple right? New Hampshire has a growing population of folks who want to know where their food comes from, … Read More

June 02 2014

5 Refreshing Drinks for Summer

Summer is finally here. The wind carries the sweet scent of freshly cut grass, the birds are chirping and the sun is bronzing the white pasty sticks you call legs after a long and brutal New Hampshire winter. As you recline in your freshly painted Adirondack chair and behold the majestic White Mountains you may forget about your vitamin D deficiencies with a cool refreshing … Read More