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Jackson Falls NH August 27 2012

Hurricane Issac and local reflections on Hurricane Irene

Few things compare to summer day in New Hampshire. Skies tend to be blue, clouds tend to be pleasant and puffy, and the list of possible activities goes on and on. While crazy weather is not the norm in New Hampshire, every now and then we experience a bit of weather that includes the unexpected. These events become storied and fascinating pieces of New Hampshire … Read More

August 20 2012

White Mountain Romance and Adventure

Jackson, NH – About seven miles north of the Village of North Conway is the quintessential New England town of Jackson, and in the heart of town up on Carter Notch Road is the famed and picturesque Jackson Falls. As a State, New Hampshire is home to a unique and rather large collection of waterfalls, many of which require miles and miles of hiking in … Read More

August 10 2012

The Romance Olympics

Olympic fever is upon us, and we’re getting right into the spirit of it here in North Conway! We decided to put some of our local vendors head to head with their competitor or alternative and see how they would fare. This is great news for you because after these battle royales, the clear winners will emerge and give you a leg-up in making your romantic choices here in the Mount Washington Valley! Read More