Monthly Archives: February 2011

February 21 2011

Some Chocolate Festival Fun!

The 22nd annual Chocolate Festival was Sunday, February 27th in the Mt. Washington Valley and was a smashing success.  Were you afraid to break your New Year’s resolution diet so early in the year?  Well, this was a fabulous time to eat however much chocolate you wanted and not feel the guilt later because cross country skiing or snowshoeing were involved in making the way … Read More

February 14 2011

Get Your Skis Waxed Up for Some North Conway Snow Skiing

Are you looking for a place to get some great use out of your snow skis?  Stonehurst Manor is definitely the place to be in this frosty time of year to get some last minute North Conway snow skiing in.  Spring is just around the corner so you need to take advantage of all the winter activities North Conway has to offer this season. The … Read More

February 04 2011

It's Snowtime in the Mt. Washington Valley!

Talk about a winter wonderland out there!  Can you believe all of the snow this winter!  Well, rather than stay inside all cooped up, why don’t you take the family out for a ski trip and enjoy some North Conway ski lodging with Stonehurst Manor!  We expect to have snow all this weekend, so come out and take advantage of our ski village. Stonehurst Manor … Read More