Monthly Archives: August 2010

August 29 2010

Pet Friendly North Conway Lodging

We want everyone to meet our most welcoming host at the Stonehurst Manor.  He is warm and friendly and can always put a smile on any guest’s face.  That would be Mr. Bigelow of course, our resident cat!  He has been a part of our Stonehurst Manor family for years and years and he is ready to welcome anyone to some of the best and … Read More

August 21 2010

North Conway Dining

We say it boldly and right up front on our welcome sign – the Stonehurst Manor is a “A landmark  in lodging, food and spirits since 1876.”  We wouldn’t say it if we didn’t mean it.  For years the Stonehurst has held their own in bringing old-time classics such as Coquilles St. Jacques and Steak Diane and innovative new food items like wood fired pizza … Read More

August 13 2010

Rozzie May Animal Alliance Benefit

Being nestled in the Mt. Washington Valley allows the Stonehurst Manor to be a part of a very close-knit community.  Every neighbor is here for each other and the hospitality we extend to our guests is also something we are proud to give to our locals. That is why on September 19th we are throwing a celebration for a good cause.  Guests and natives alike … Read More

August 08 2010

Mt. Washington Valley Weddings

We at the Stonehurst Manor are so lucky to live in a place like the White Mountains.  With the seasonal changes and beautiful scenic backdrops it creates a perfect stage for any special moment.  We have hosted many weddings over the year and each have been unique because of the way a bride and groom decides to embrace the magic of  Mt. Washington Valley weddings. … Read More

August 02 2010

North Conway Lodging Rises Above Even the Highest Peaks!

Mt. Washington Valley caters to those looking for a mountain getaway.  Even the name of our beloved area boasts what we are all about here, great views, awesome activities and endless fun.  It is all about the peaks and as an integral part of the North Conway Lodging scene, we at the Stonehurst Manor; want to show you the best time around.  We are even … Read More